Wedding Customs- Where did they come from?

Many wedding traditions, customs and superstions all started from old folk tales and stories.  Many people (brides and grooms included) don't know where many of them originated from or why they exist!  Haven't you ever wondered who said it's lucky to have rain on your wedding day or why a bride wears white?

I decided to spend a little time researching these superstitious practices, their origins and why they exist.

Custom: Wearing A Veil

Origin: Rome

Why?: Fearing that evil spirits would be jealous of her happiness. It was believe the evil spirits were trying to bring ill upon the bride.  The bride would drape a veil over her head to cover herself up to disguise herself.

Custom: Giving Knives as a Wedding Gift

Origin: Folk Tales

Why?: According to old folk tales, giving knives as a wedding or bridal shower gift signifies a broken relationship and will bring bad luck.  To break the curse, a penny would be given to the gift giver so they could be claimed as purchased.

Custom: Sugar Cubes

Origin: Greece

Why?: According to Greek culture placing a sugar cube on the bride will sweeten the marriage!

Custom: Breaking Glass

Origin: Italy

Why?: Many Italian couples will put a lot of muscle into breaking a glass or vase at their wedding. According to tradition, however many pieces the glassware breaks into will symbolize how many years the couple will be happily married.

Custom:Cake Topper

Origin: England

Why?: When Queen Victoria opted to crown her wedding cake with mini sculptures of herself and Prince Albert in 1840, the bride-and-groom cake topper was born. By the 1920s, the trend had crossed the pond to the United States, gaining popularity in the 1950s when couple figurines came to symbolize marital stability. Today, toppers aren't always cookie-cutter brides and grooms, but personalized sculptures highlighting a pair's identities, pets, or hobbies.

Custom: No Cooking!

Origin: Egypt

The bride's family traditionally does all the cooking for a week after the wedding, so the couple can relax.