Gift Registry Ideas

If you did a poll and asked if creating a gift registry was the most fun or most stressful part of the wedding planning process, you would be surprised to see the answer. The top choice is that it can be the most stressful part.  From deciding where to register or what pattern of China to select, it can be overwhelming. On one end of the spectrum it is a great place to communicate what exact gifts you and your fiance need and want but on the other end you may end up with items that you may never use.  But, I have compiled a few tips to keep the process simple and stress free!



1. Use the information section on the registry to introduce yourself and your fiance. Indicate your current living situation to help people understand if you are starting from scratch or upgrading pieces you already have. 

2. Register for big and small ticket items.  This allows guests who wish to partake in group gifts on bigger ticket items while also getting items that will make your home feel special. 

3. `When in doubt chose white. It may seem like a boring and easy way out but white is a timeless choice whether it is plates, linens or glassware.  This way you can add and change the fun and colourful stuff later!

4. Keep things simple- try to find a registry website that allows you to add items from various websites or stick to two or three stores.  Having more than that is stressful and can be overwhelming to your guests. 

5. Be prepared. Even if you register you will still receive random gifts. When picking gifts people will want to give something you and your fiance will love but also reflects their style as well. 

Happy Shopping!!

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Wedding Expenses To Be Ready For

Sticking to your budget is one of the hardest things to do while planning a wedding. But aside from the most common expenses there are often some, more often than not that are forgotten! To help you out we compiled a list of the most often forgotten items that cost couples the most. 

Postage: When choosing invitations be sure to pick wisely, if it weighs too much or is too thick you will require additional postage. Sometimes it can cost as much as $. Also don't forget you will need extra postage for RSVP's, wedding thank you cards and bridal shower thank you cards.  The cost can add up quickly.

Outfits for Pre-Wedding Events: You'll want to be in all the cutest outfits for your wedding events which often gets forgotten! From the engagement party, bridal showers, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and day after brunch! Be sure to pick ones that you can re-wear again!

Undergarments and Accessories: Set some room aside in your budget for things such as a veil, wedding shoes and shapewear.  These items can cost over $100 each depending on what you need!

Alterations: Often a large focus is on getting the dress or choosing a dress within your price range, often little room is leftover in the budget for any alterations.  Depending on the fabric of the dress or what kind of alterations you need can cost upwards of $1000.00.

Hair and Makeup Trials: If you aren't sure who you are going to chose for your big day, or maybe you want to make sure it is a perfect fit a trial or more than one trial might be in order.  

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Wedding Stationary (not just invitations!): Be cautious when choosing your wedding invitation and save the date cards as there are many day of stationary items that can add up quickly. Menu's, programs and escort cards might be needed!

Tent Floor: Depending on what your venue is like you may need to account for a dance floor in the tent as well as a sub floor.  This can be costly depending on what option you choose so negotiate this with your tent company from the beginning. 

Audio at the Ceremony: Having an outdoor wedding? Invest in a sound system if you want your guests to actually be able to hear your vows. If you’ve hired musicians to play as you walk down the aisle, they also need to be amplified, or those songs you’ve so carefully chosen will be wimpy instead of powerful. Spend the money on a sound system, even if it means you need to trim elsewhere.

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Lighting and Generators: A simple addition of lighting around the venue can add up quickly, consider hanging bistro lights or a chandelier!

Extra Decor: Most of the table decor budget is allocated to floral and centrepieces, but don't forget items such as candles, linens, flatware and table numbers all help to tie into the aesthetic of your wedding.

Gifts for your parents and other family members: You'll already have gifts secured for your hard working bridal party but don't forget everything your family does for you! Consider a gift for them after the wedding with a picture from your big day as a great way to show your appreciation for them!

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Tips and Gratuities: Be sure to read in full detail the contracts with your vendors as often on top of the fees are a mandatory tip and gratuity charge and if you don't budget accordingly it can be down right painful.  

Delivery, set up and take down fees: Be sure to look into your contract to make sure that fees such as delivery, set up and take down are included.  If they aren't be sure to set aside some room for these charges, you won't have time on your wedding day to drive around and pick everything up or to spend the entire day getting it ready. 

The Marriage License and Application: Don't forget to make it legal!! Depending on where you live and where you are getting married, the marriage license and application cost can add up quickly!  Remember that you have to apply for your marriage license once you are married as it isn't sent to you automatically. 

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Feeding your Vendors: Be sure to talk to your caterer about meals for your vendors (photographer, videographer, co-ordinator) as most often offer a lower priced plate.  If you don't ask it could end up costing you more!

A Hotel Room (for the night before): If you and your bridal party are planning on getting ready in the hotel the day of the wedding you will be required to book two nights.  Often the hotel can not guarantee an early check in time which might not give enough time to get everyone ready. 

Breakfast and Lunch for the wedding party: Since your bridal party with be with you for most of the day ensure to have snacks on hand!  Light breakfast and lunch options are essential to pick from for the day! Don't forget the champagne!