Vendor Spotlight: Patrick G Films

In case you didn’t truly feel my excitement in today’s Instagram post, let me share with you again just how pumped I am to be starting this blog mini-series! I am lucky enough to work with some of the best professionals in the business day in and day out. I like to think I show our vendors love with every wedding I send their way, but sometimes, it’s just not enough. To let my vendors know just how much I love them and how I couldn’t do what I do without them, I’ve come up with a way to shine the light on these incredibly talented artists.

I'm getting this mini-series underway by spotlighting Patrick Godfrey from Patrick G Films, a wedding videographer. From the moment I met Patrick, I knew I’d found true talent. His ability to capture beauty and grace through a lens is unparalleled and is matched only by his incredibly humble outlook on his work. This guy seriously can do no wrong.

Here’s what Patrick had to say when I sat down with him.


 Company Name: Patrick G Films

 Type of Work: Videography

 Years in Business: 2

 Location: Waterloo, Ontario

 Tell us a little bit about your company.

Patrick G Films is a personable videography experience that lets you enjoy your wedding day. As a groom to be myself, I designed my packages and wedding day experience around what my fiance and I would want.

 What sets you apart from other vendors within your line of work?

 I like to capture your day as it happens. The candid moments where you grandpa was looking at you when you didn’t notice, your mom wiping away a tear as she watches you and you father walk down the aisle. Instead of setting up fake moments, I look for moments such as those so that your wedding film represents you and your family.

Patrick G Films-03.jpg

 What’s your favorite part about a wedding?

 I am a sucker for first dances. Seeing your parents hold you for 3 minutes always tugs at my heartstrings. And the best part is that every dance is different. The songs can be the same but the moments are always special. Some dances are full of laughter, some are full of tears and others are quiet so they can enjoy every second.

What is something you wish couples knew?

I wish couples knew that vendors are not all bad people. As someone planning his own wedding, I have been through the ringer with inexperienced vendors myself. However, the more research you do and questions you ask, you can get to know the people you are inviting into your lives and it almost guarentees an amazing time. We are just people who love weddings and we want to give you the best we possibly can.

PatrickGFilms-02-3 (1).JPG

 Why do you think a couple should hire a planner?

If you have never swapped out an engine, would you just start doing it? No, you would hire a mechanic. When your water heater breaks would you decide to just shut off your houses water and swap that out? No, you would hire someone who knows what they are doing. A wedding is a big job that can cause months of stress if you are unsure of how to do it. A planner has done it and it is there job to take on the stresses of planning.

 Any tips for newly engaged couples?

 Enjoy your time being engaged. Take each other on planning dates. Go on long walks. Enjoy this time of being engaged because it flies by. Capture as many moments as you can. Remember how you first met and those butterflies you got when you first kissed. Weddings can be stressful but if you remain in love, it won’t matter one bit.

Patrick Godfrey