Tips and Tricks: Thank You Cards!

Thank you cards can sure be a daunting task after a bridal shower or wedding.  Often you wonder where do you start? What do you write? How do you keep track? I compiled a few tips and tricks on what wording to use and how to stay on top of things!

1. Get them done as soon as possible.  It may seem crazy but the earlier you get them done the less you will forget.  Try not to go beyond the rule of thumb of 3 months after an event.  Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and try to write a few every night! This helps to tackle the list quickly.

2. Start off by thanking them for attending. 

Dear Aunt Jenny, 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to attend my bridal shower on Sunday.  It really meant a lot to me having you there.


Dear Aunt Jenny, 

Thank you so much for celebrating with us at the wedding.  We had the best time ever and were so happy to have you apart of our celebrations.

3. Be sure to let the gift giver know what you plan to purchase or how you'll make use of their generosity.  For example: Thank you so much for the wonderful serving set, we can't wait to host our first dinner party to use it!  Pro tip: if you received a cash gift don't mention the amount of the cash gift but how you'll use it: Thank you so much for your generous gift, we can't wait to get started on our much needed home renovations!

4. Send thank you cards to people who sent a gift but weren't able to attend.  For example: Thank you so much for the wonderful serving set.  We wish you could have been at the wedding to celebrate with us, you were missed on the dance floor! 

5. Finish off with a closing statement that you'll see them soon. For example: We are so thrilled you will be able to celebrate with us at the wedding or We can't wait to see you soon!

PS. Wondering who you should send a thank you card to? Anyone who gives you a gift (guests or not), anyone who helped with the planning process, hostess, wedding party, your parents and any vendors on your wedding day!