Gift Registry Ideas

If you did a poll and asked if creating a gift registry was the most fun or most stressful part of the wedding planning process, you would be surprised to see the answer. The top choice is that it can be the most stressful part.  From deciding where to register or what pattern of China to select, it can be overwhelming. On one end of the spectrum it is a great place to communicate what exact gifts you and your fiance need and want but on the other end you may end up with items that you may never use.  But, I have compiled a few tips to keep the process simple and stress free!



1. Use the information section on the registry to introduce yourself and your fiance. Indicate your current living situation to help people understand if you are starting from scratch or upgrading pieces you already have. 

2. Register for big and small ticket items.  This allows guests who wish to partake in group gifts on bigger ticket items while also getting items that will make your home feel special. 

3. `When in doubt chose white. It may seem like a boring and easy way out but white is a timeless choice whether it is plates, linens or glassware.  This way you can add and change the fun and colourful stuff later!

4. Keep things simple- try to find a registry website that allows you to add items from various websites or stick to two or three stores.  Having more than that is stressful and can be overwhelming to your guests. 

5. Be prepared. Even if you register you will still receive random gifts. When picking gifts people will want to give something you and your fiance will love but also reflects their style as well. 

Happy Shopping!!

♥ S